Top 5 Caribbean countries in the world

Mostly people travel to the destination like Aruba and St.martin but Caribbean destinations are more exciting for visitors. We are going to tell you about 5 islands that are famous because of their beautiful and adventures.

1. Bequia

Bequia is one of the beaten track islands. If you see it for the first time it looks like a lazy lightning flash. This island has a steep mountain range down in the center. Bequia is part of the British Commonwealth. Bequia Beach Hotel is the most famous hotel on the island. Its pastel-colored colonial looks very adventurous. Relatively, This is one of the beautiful Caribbean Islands.

  1. Corn Island, Nicaragua

The Corn Islands are like paradise in Nicaragua and also beautiful Caribbean destinations to travel. The Corn Islands are not fancy. If you want to enjoy 5-star services, this island is not for You. but If You are tired of your daily routine and want to enjoy peaceful nature, then this island is definitely for You. Spanish and as well as Creole English are spoken on the Corn Islands. Nicaraguans have a strong influence and so they look a little bit different. Temperatures do not vary that much on the corn islands. The major changes will be humidity and wet and dry seasons. You have to take a boat over to corn island, because there are no roads or motorized vehicles to get there.

3. Guadeloupe

Guadeloupe in a tropical paradise Island and one of the Caribbean countries. Beaches, beautiful mountain scenery, volcanoes, and the delicious French gastronomy are very impressive, Mostly the French language is spoken here So having basic knowledge of the French language will help you a lot. Shopping is not easy here because good is not cheap, the cost is very high and the food is also expensive. unique French-Creole culture and diversity made it such a nice place to travel. Visitors can enjoy most of the beach resorts and also sheltered bays for swimming and sailing.


This is a small island located in the Netherland Antilles and also part of Caribbean countries. This place is not famous and well recognized by people. Rarely someone talks about this island. Vast bodies of water around the island make this place unique then other Caribbean destinations, The people of Saba are very caring and friendly to one another. The dramatic scenery and scuba diving, and beautiful local creation are the things that make saba a worthwhile place.

5. Los Roques, Venezuala

Only a few places in the world can offer such an amazing and extraordinary view and 5. Los Roques is one of them. The highlighted characteristic feature of Las Roques is the brightness and its cleared blended colors. visitors can scroll through deserted beaches and watch colorful fishes in crystal water. Los Roques is also one of the most famous places in Caribbean countries.

When people want to escape from their boring life, They flee to Islands so these Caribbean Countries are the Best choice for them.

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