Many beautiful natural places exist on this earth, It is your choice which place you like to select. Different people have a different choice, for example, some like rainy locations, some want to see natural places and some are looking for camping places. Below are the 5 best places to visit in 2019.

  1. Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the hottest destinations in 2019 if you are a bird lover. More than 500 species of birds exist in Costa Rica. Besides birds species, Costa Rica is full of natural beauty. Every year Costa Rica attracts many visitors due to rainforest canopies, fun and outdoor facilities for public and research facilities.

  1. Seoul

If you are looking for design and fashion then Seoul the capital of Korea is the best place for you. Many travelers travel to Seoul due to the glamorous cafes, historical galleries and unique fashion. You can experience unique sceneries, art, culture and fashion. You can visit shopping malls and take advantage of good quality products & services at low prices.

You can buy good quality cameras and lenses in your free time. Korean Cuisine is famous in the whole world and serves you with Korean style chopstick.

  1. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is the best travel destination if you like sea beach, elephant and forests. Sri Lanka was getting high revenues from tourism in the last few years. But due to civil war and some recent terrorism activities are great issues for the tourists. Many islands exist in Sri Lanka and you can visit these islands natural beauty.

  1. Copenhagen

If you are looking for greenery then Copenhagen is the best place for you to enjoy your travel. You can travel on bicycles path, the facility of free bikes ride helps you to know about why Copenhagen is a green place.

Many historical places exist in Copenhagen but the main thing is the greenery and fresh air.

  1. Antarctica

Antarctica is an increasing trend for travelers and it is the best place to travel in 2019. Tourists can travel to this continent on specific days when there is not a great threat from the cold weather conditions. If you want to see the landscape and glaciers Antarctica is the most suitable place for you to visit.

  1. Shanghai

Shanghai is one of the best travel destinations in China. If you love to travel through train then visit Shanghai and enjoy its historical places. You can visit museums; Shanghai has 5,000 years of history. You can also enjoy tasteful soups, yoga and massage.

  1. Los Angeles

Lost Angeles is a famous city in America and has a variety of things for travelers to tour this city. If you have an interest in art, culture, history, shopping and mountains then Los Angeles is the best travel destination to visit for you.

You can visit Disneyland and various kinds of universal studios especially when you are with your family or kids

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