Do you have passion for travelling? Do you want to know about the interesting travel destinations for your next tour?

If you are tired of your lifestyle or working then you start thinking about which city in the world you should need to visit in the vacations.

Many cities in the world are an awesome attraction for tourists to see their natural beauty, fashion, history, and culture.

Many reasons exist behind the traveling of tourists: some want to visit to see natural places, some people go for culture change and some want to enjoy the fashion.

Here I am going to disclose the best places to travel in 2019.

  1. Salzburg, Austria

The city is famous due to its festivals and It is in most interesting travel destinations. The festival is full of classical music, drama and opera. Salzburg is a historical place in Austria. The whole year in Salzburg is full of events and exhibitions. Something always happens here like different kinds of music concerts, plays or dramas and readings.

The best time to visit Salzburg, Austria is in the summer holidays.

  1. Washington DC, USA

The next best city on my list is Washington, USA. So, why this city is 2nd in my list? What things you can enjoy in this city?

Yes, the city is famous for giving women the right to vote and for this they celebrate an event every year. The city has several museums like the National museums of American History. The 2nd museums are names as the National Museum of women in the arts. Many exhibitions and events organized by these two museums every year.

Try to visit Washington DC during the days of the election and you can highest level excitement these days. You can enjoy here a lot of greenery as thousands of trees planted here. If you have some political interest then this city is best for you to travel.

  1. Cairo, Egypt

Cairo is the capital city of Egypt and full of historical places and museums. If you love art and history then visit this city. The GEM museum is very famous in the whole world and as a history lover, you should need to visit it. You can see the Egypt pyramids and the famous red sea.

  1. Gateway, Ireland

Gateway Ireland is the most attractive city for foreign tourists. The famous thing about this city is the pubs, music and buskers’ performances.

You can enjoy culture, music, theatre and dance. You need to wait for the busker’s performance till night.

  1. Dubai, UAE

Dubai once a desert in Arab country United Arab Emirates but now you can see here tallest buildings of the world. Every year many people came here for jobs. Many types of world expo organized here every year. Dubai is a business hub of UAE. The burg Khalifa the world tallest building is in Dubai. Many hotels, spas, clubs, business head offices exist in Dubai and a great attraction for tourists. Dubai beach is a good attraction for tourists to enjoy.

I have discussed top 5 travel cities as best places to travel in 2020. Hopefully you will choose one of these places for your next travel.

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